Angel of Hope Statue

In April 2004, a bronze statue of an angel was dedicated in memory of lost loved ones, especially children. Inspired by the national bestseller novel, "The Christmas Box," by Richard Paul Evans, the statue and serenity garden are intended to bring peace and comfort to those who have lost a child or loved one. The author of the bestseller attended the dedication of the sculpture at Lendonwood.

Bricks surrounding the sculpture can be donated in the names of friends and family who have passed away. To order an inscribed brick, please complete the order form and mail it with your check to Lendonwood Gardens. For more information on the Brick Memorial Program, contact Lendonwood at 918-786-2938.

A remembrance ceremony, with candles and flowers, is held each year on December 6, Children’s Day, at the Angel of Hope statue garden. The public is invited to participate in this event in conjunction with other similar ceremonies nationwide.

Located on the west side of Lendonwood, the statue's setting offers a serene place where families and friends can spend quiet moments of remembrance. In spring, colorful azaleas and rhododendrons add to the beauty of the garden.

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