Azalea Garden

Located just west of the Lendonwood main garden is the newly opened Azalea Garden. Although the flowering shrubs in this garden “room” are mature and lush specimens, the area had not been easily accessible to the public until 2010. Volunteers, including many from Grove Rotary Club, have cleared and rebuilt pathways to meander among these spectacular plants.

Established in the early 1970s, the one-acre garden also features mature pink dogwoods, Japanese Maples, redbud, yew, magnolias, and a large Canadian hemlock. Many of the azaleas were grown by Lendonwood’s founder, Dr. Leonard Miller, from seed collected from Calloway Gardens in Georgia.

In April, the Azalea Garden is abloom with colors ranging from pink to lavender to red to white. Some are highly fragrant in colors of yellow and orange. Shaded partially by tall oaks, the shrubs enjoy an appropriately acid and loamy soil. Azaleas, which are within the genus Rhododendron, do well with a mulch of pine bark, pine needles or leaves to help retain moisture and maintain even soil temperatures. With its newly rebuilt pathways, Lendonwood’s Azalea Garden now draws visitors each spring to enjoy the masses of color.

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