Meet the Lendonwood Gardens Board of Directors

Lendonwood President Jim Reynolds, left, and volunteer Bob Hunt admire the new street sign for Lendonwood Gardens. Costs of the news sign will be
underwritten by Grove Rotary Club.

Lendonwood Gardens is administered by an elected Board of Directors, whose mission is to ensure the continued success and development of the Gardens. The election of officers and Board members takes place each year at the Annual Meeting.

The continued success of Lendonwood Gardens can be attributed in large part to the dedication and contributions of many community-minded individuals, including those who serve on the Board of Directors. Lendonwood extends a warm "thank you" to each of them.

Officers (2012-13)

President: Jim Reynolds
Vice President
: Jim Corbridge
Secretary: Mardee Dodge
Treasurer: Margie Murphy
Assistant Treasurer: Judy Scarriot

Other Members of the Board of Directors

Donna Dillman, Roger Endo, Sadie Cole Gordon, Pauline Hale, Rick Miller, Jane Montgomery, Michele Norwood, Cindy Reynolds, Larry Toigo, and Dave Torline.