Display Garden

Daylilies in the Display Garden.

Near the Lendonwood entrance is the Display Garden, featuring false cypress (Chamaecyparis) trees and other conifers, such as cedars, spruce, and arborvitae. The Display Garden also includes a large collection of beautiful daylilies, with peak bloom time in June and July.

Other collections in this area include many of Lendonwood’s 75 diverse varieties of Japanese maples.  These beautiful trees provide color, form and texture to the garden throughout the year.

Also in the Display Garden are a variety of other plants, including hostas, heuchera, and colorful annuals. This garden is home to Nootkatensis, also called Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a stately evergreen. One of the Display Garden’s hidden treasures is the Dawn Redwood, a fast-growing deciduous conifer once thought to be extinct.

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