English Terrace Garden

In the American Backyard Garden, plants were selected for their ability to thrive with minimal water, since it is the only area not irrigated in Lendonwood. In summer, the American Backyard displays many colorful annuals, such as zinnias and marigolds. Other plants in the garden include crape myrtle and several varieties of daylilies.

Highlight of the American Backyard Garden is a lovely gazebo surrounded by blooming roses, including a colorful display of Knockout roses. The gazebo is a favorite setting for weddings and special photography.

Near the back of Lendonwood is the English Terrace Garden, planted with numerous rhodododendrons, which bloom in April and May. Most of the world authorities on this spectacular flowering plant are in England. The design of the plantings in this area is more formal and allows more sunlight than other parts of Lendonwood.

Also in the English Terrace Garden are the fast-growing Thuja Green Giant evergreens and other trees suitable for screening purposes; a weeping katsura tree; a variegated dogwood; and a beautiful magnolia tree.

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