Japanese Pavilion and Koi Pond Garden

Japanese Pavilion and Koi Pond.

The Japanese Pavilion at Lendonwood Gardens is a popular stop on any tour of the Gardens. With a design based on the Hosokawa Pavilion in Japan, the Pavilion provides a scenic overlook of the Koi Pond and surrounding garden.

The Pavilion's floors are made of cypress wood, which are resistant to rain damage. The 3x6-foot sections form a herringbone pattern called "tatami," another word for a straw mat on which to sit or sleep. In Japanese homes, two of these spaces would designate a futon-sized sleeping area for two people, or in the daytime, a space used for two people to sit and talk.

The building features post-and-beam construction with red cedar posts set in concrete and fitted into grooves cut into the beams. The structure is strengthened by decorative, yet functional, mortise-and-tenon redwood panels. The furniture was hand-made from rough-hewn western red cedar that was planed and sanded.

The Japanese Pavilion is a popular venue for receptions, tea parties, or simply a serene break during a tour of the Gardens. Children especially enjoy feeding the koi fish populating the pond near the Pavilion. A botanical highlight of the area is the large Himalayan Cedar near the Pavilion.

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